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Psychoanalysis Los Angeles California Extension

Santa Monica, Venice, and Los Angeles Area

Summer Proposal 2013 : Sexual Logic – R.T.Groome: Can logic be introduced in an non-academic setting and around a non-academic topic?

Winter 2013 Anti-Therapy II – R.T. Groome

 Aug. 18, 25 2012Anti-Therapy I – R.T.Groome

Jan. 7,14,21 2012From Revolution to Involution – R.T. Groome

Aug. 6,13,20,27 2011 –   Introduction To A Primitive Theory of Knots – R.T. Groome

June 4, 11, 18, 25, 2011  Seminar on Resistance – Benjamin Bishop, Mark Lovasz, & Baba Singh

 2011 –  Experimental Topology;  A descriptive account of a conference and workshop in topology and analysis Oct. 28, 2011 in the Los Angeles for Alternatives to Biological Psychiatry: If We Don’t Medicate, What Do We Do? http://psychintegrity.org/

2011-13 Young People’s Library: this work-group opens up the oeuvre of Freud with children and their parents in a way that goes beyond the cliches and popular jargon.

2008 ARC Project: proposal for the city of Santa Monica – Lacanian analysis of Homeless Desire. (Project Sample Download   ARC)

The Los Angeles Public School Presentations:



 Psychoanalysis Los Angeles Extension

Statement of Position


Today, to advertise why a collective would try to do Good and progress its Cause is both naive and a cliche. From Wall Street to Student Loans, from Medical Care to the Judicial System, from Science to Religion, it has become evident that those institutions and collective efforts that were designed to do good have on any many instances not only failed, but accomplished exactly the opposite.  Here, then, in the recognition of this loss of innocence we must ask:

How can  a collective action be accomplished in a public forum without once again falling back into the Same ?

How can a research institute, clinic, or school determine its real effect on the individual and society beyond a platitude of expertise ?

In the urgency of doing something rather than nothing at all, how can forms of analytic professionalism and the claims to be of service to others bypass the crucial problems of the very community they are trying to help?

Recognizing the uneasiness such questions may provoke and the difficulty of responding we replace the easy mission statement with a more difficult one aimed at rethinking the effects and goals of any collective action.


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