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Outline of Winter 2013 Sclinic Course: Neurosis-Psychosis

2013 Sclinic Course

Non-Knots/Knots=> Neurosis/Psychosis

Goal: To determine an experimental approach to analysis so a clinical intervention does not digress into mere talk.

Plan of Course:

Each reading will be paralleled with an experiment-construction: a graph, surface, and/or knot.

Below you will find the reading list. Try to construct an experiment explaining the arguments of the text. This can be done in ordinary language, or for those who care to refine the argument, it can be translated into logic-algebra.

Construction Abbreviations

G= Graph => one dimension / S= Surface => two dimensions/= Knot/Link/Lock => three dimensions

Reading List for Course

Freud’s Articles

1) Scientific Project – Construct Freud’s neuronal circuit; be sure to reference the appendix at the end of the volume problematizing the construction.  G

2) Letter 52 – See virtual site for article and Vappereau’s article. G/S/K

3) Interpretation of Dreams – Chpt. 6-7: “Father can’t you see I am burning dream”. G

4) Metapsychological Papers (1st Topic: G,S)

4.1) On Narcissism

4.2) Instincts and their Vicissitudes

4.3) Repression

4.4) Unconscious

The list above should be read by next class, Feb. 23, 2013. The text On Narcissism will be focused upon and constructed in G and S .

5) The Id and the Ego (Second Topic): S

6) Group Psychology and the Ego (Especially chapter on Identification).

The two texts above should be read by the April Course.

Lacan’s Articles

1) The Sinthome (English Translation will be made available on the site soon).K

2) Joyce the Symptome (English Translation will be made available on the site)K

(The last two texts will be read in May/June – and may be carried over to the Summer Immersion).